Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Strange and Unusual yet All Under Control

This last week a team came in with some friends from Texas. I was excited to see them and have a few days to work with them before I get back to teaching. Friday morning, Halle took the group out on a tour of downtown Managua while I went to the airport to pick up the last team member.

While the group was at a historical place called Parque de la Paz (Peace Park) a group of youth attempted to rob the group. Upon seeing the thieves surrounding them the team split up and started yelling and screaming for help. Several girls from the team started running away as they were running Sarah tripped and fell into an empty fountain cutting her leg. With one of the thieves behind her he saw Sarah's blood and ran away. The thieves got away with only 1 camera when all was said and done. Though the group was a little tramatized God had been gracious in granting them peace and time to process through what had happened.

So today as I was playing the events of the past few days over in my head I realized that it was Sarah's blood that ultimately scared the thieves away. Often times when we think and pray for God's protection over our lives we think in terms of events like this one not happening at all and there being no accidents or harsh words etc. However we know that God's ways are not our ways. God used Sarah's blood to save her from further injury and theft. Thinking to myself today about the power of not only human blood to save a life or take a life but the blood of a mighty Savior that was shed for us and has given us new life. The very blood that makes the enemy cringe and flee is the blood that covers us as we submit our lifes and service to the Lord.

While we would have liked for this event to have never happened we know and recognize that God was always in control and His mighty blood protected, shielded and will heal Sarah's wounds. Please pray for Sarah's quick recovery. She is all stitched up and is planning to travel back with the team on Saturday. Due to the area where she had to be stitched up her leg has to be kept inmobile and that will make traveling a bit of a challenge so we pray for comfortable travel and on time flights so that she can get home safely.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

He is not slow in keeping His promises

Six years ago while working with short term team at Iglesia Bautista Hebron in Managua I stayed with a lovely woman named Amanda. She was a older woman who had been widowed. We spent the week sharing stories about our families, dreams and struggles in life. Amanda shared about her desire to have her son come back home and re-dedicate his life to the Lord. She asked the three of us who were staying with her to pray for her son to return.

Since that summer when I stayed with Amanda I have not seen or talked to her but as the Lord brought her and her son to mind I prayed for them both. When I have visited her church I have looked for her and wondered how things were going. Just a few weeks ago I saw Amanda again. She greeted me with a gigantic hug and was so excited to share wonderful news with me. Her son has not only come back home but has come back to the Lord. He is happily serving in the church by playing the keyboard with the worship team. Amanda was bubbling over with excitement to have her son home and to know that he is now serving the Lord. He has been back in the church for over a year now. He has a beautiful wife and son. There is lots of happiness, rejoicing and laughter that now fill Amanda's house.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Abundant Blessings

One year ago yesterday my truck was totaled in an accident on the South Highway while a friend was driving. Thankfully no one was injured and the only real damage was to my truck. While many things have happened since that day one thing is for sure God has always been in control of the situation. His hand has been over every last detail from the sale of what was left of the truck to the miraculous blessing of a new more reliable truck.

Over and over again the Lord has show his sovereignty in this time in my life. I have learned to trust Him more, watch his amazing provision come through many different people and situations. Today I give thanks that our great God sometimes takes away the things that are OK so that he can give us something better.

The New

What a wonderful reminder of His abundant blessings in my life.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hand in Hand

Bethel Christian Church in San Francisco, CA sent down a team of 8 wonderful people to serve in Nicaragua. The week was packed with lots of activity and many new found friendships.

Each day was packed with church services, children's ministry, house to house visits for the after school program, home groups and family time. This team was unique because all but two of them were fluent in Spanish. This helped tremendously because most of the team was able to communicate really well with their new Nica families. It also made the work load lighter for Fabricio and I as we were leading the team. ;-)

Rachael H. and I were blessed to be with a wonderful family. I first met this family 6 years ago when I was working in Nicaragua as a volunteer for the summer. They are a super sweet family that I have come to love dearly. They have taken me in truly as part of the family. Jorge and Nifa asked me if they could call me when they go on family trips to the beach or wherever. Of course I said YES!

Rachael and Ninfa had an instant connection as they are both hairdressers. Here's Rachael giving Ninfa a haircut. They had some very special times together during the week. Although I would have to say that the most wonderful part about the whole week was seeing our 19 year old "brother" Giovanni be excited about sharing his new faith with others during one of the outreaches. He had just accepted the Lord the night before we arrived at their house.

Pastor Arturo was a wonderful pastor to work with at Iglesia Bautista Hebron. He has great vision for his church and is a faithful servant of the Lord. We greatly enjoyed working with him.