Sunday, March 17, 2013

Right Where He Wants Us To Be

Life is full these days as we get things up and running at NCA Matagalpa.   As I sit here and reflect on all that God has done to bring each team member to the school I stand in awe of God's creativity and perfect plan.   Each member of the team is just right for their position.  We are all in a place where we are being stretched but are excited about the opportunity to share/use our gifts to teach, learn, lead and mentor students.

Cultural differences come to light in a variety of different ways.   Some differences are light hearted and fun while others are harder to swallow because they are just different.
There are some things that are always hard to take for me.  The idea of relationships just seem to come at a different angle most of the time.  

One of our teachers has been faced with a difficult situation within her family.  This is the first time that she has had full time work.   This is  great news for her family financially.  The whole family is making adjustment to having mom at work all day.  Her husband is having to make some adjustments at meal times and his wife's availability during school hours.   However these adjustments have been difficult and now he has left our teacher with a decision to make.   Keep the job or keep me!  Tough, heartbreaking decision my dear friend faces.  My heart breaks for her as she gives up a dream for now in hopes that there will be more opportunities in the future.   Family first is a good choice and the right one, yet a hard one sometimes.  

Thankfully, this teacher still wants to be involved in the school and will continue to attend training sessions and will help substitute when we need her.    Praise God for the ways that he has opened up a connection for a new teacher to take her place.  Cinthya our new teacher was already on campus as a volunteer before we even knew of our need.    She has jumped right in and has been a blessing to both the students and the staff.

God's grace and provision seem overwhelming at times as I reflect on all that He has given us.  We don't deserve to have a beautiful facility and an amazing team of willing and hard-working teachers yet, God lavishes these things on us.    Lord help me to always remember these things when the toilets are clogged, mis-behaving students are in my office and there is no water on campus.   Remind me of your great provision and the opportunities to grow and depend on you more and more when challenges come.  You have not left us rather you have placed us here with purpose and are equipping us through the challenges, encouraging through the victories and constantly bringing us to our knees seeking wisdom and strength to carry on.

It is a humbling and exciting place to be in the center of God's will.   Facing cultural differences, priorities, languages and a right attitude is a daily opportunity to take our eyes off of ourself and put our focus on Christ and all that He has done and continues to do.