Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Yes,  I said the secret word.   It is true in more ways than one.  As the director of a private school in Nicaragua I am required to go to many meetings organized by the ministry of education.  They are very enlightening as I get to peer into the political system and see first hand the power of intimidation.

Here is an article that was just published by an online periodical.    You might find this very interesting.


The "live pretty" campaign is real and it is being implemented in almost every school in Nicaragua.

Our prayer is that the TRUTH would illuminate the lies that are being fed to the teachers, students and parents and that people would stand up for the truth.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Day Full of Firsts

It is strange for me to say that a new school year has started and I did not spend the day with a group of eager 6 and 7 year olds.   Instead, the day was spent with 36 kids who were spending their first school-day at a new school with new teachers and a very different vision than they have seen or experienced before.

We rejoiced as we (the staff) started the day off in prayer for one another and warmly greeted our new students and parents.   The first recess time was  full of excitement as the boys had a large covered place to play soccer.   We searched for solutions as a student missed the bus this morning and then as the wind kept blowing out the gas on the stove in the cafetín.   Uneasy introductions followed by warm welcomes and hearty laughter filled the classrooms.   Small classes, big classes, fast learners, creative spirits, active little ones and eager story tellers, hungry kiddos are just a few of the things that filled the classrooms and hallways  on the first day of classes at Nicaragua Christian Academy Matagalpa.

We couldn't have done it without the prayer covering of all of you who have walked with along this path of Firsts.    Thank you for your continued prayers as we face new challenges each day.   We rejoice with Thanksgiving for all that God has provided from buildings to desks, to teachers and students.  We recognize that we could not do any of this if God was not first in it.  

The year is just starting and we know that there are many challenges that lay ahead and many more opportunities to see God's mighty hand at work.   Continue to pray for grace and wisdom for each and every one of the staff and faculty of NCA Matagalpa.  

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A New Beginning

Saturday marked the official start of NCA Matagalpa as we hosted the first Parent Open House.  We celebrated the beginning of many new relationships and an exciting new adventure for both teachers and students.

On Thursday afternoon I received information from the Ministry of Education here in Matagalpa and they informed us that we would not be permitted to start school on Feb. 4th as we had planned.   After making many phone calls and exchanging emails with  board members we realized that this was a Gift of time that we are being given.    School will now officially start on Monday, February 11th.   The teachers are excited about taking the opportunity to learn more on the computers this week.  In addition, it gives us one more week to wait for the shipping container to be released as well as time to finish a few more final touches on some of the construction projects still pending.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and encouragement. As we look forward to this extra week of preparation join us in praying for more students to join us for the new school year.