Thursday, November 22, 2012

Let Me Count The Ways....

Let me count the ways God continues to show His faithfulness, mercy, forgiveness, lovingkindness and well all the rest.

The truth be known I could never count up all the ways that God has blessed, protected, corrected, loved and forgiven me but I can give testimony to these things and continue to live  under His mercy and grace each new day.

Here are just a few of the things that I am grateful for today.
Annel, Flor and a friend
  • Over the past few months I have had more car troubles than I can count on one hand.  While these have served as challenges and frustrations at times I can see God's hand of protection.   Every time that I have broken down I have been near a city where I can call someone to help me.   In addition God has provided great mechanics to help as well.
  • Flor de Liz joined our staff last month and it has been such a joy to have someone so friendly and helpful to work with.  
  • As we continue to interview teacher candidates God has brought us some amazing people.   We now have all but two positions filled.   I look forward to seeing the team work together.
  • Safety, safety, safety.   Lots of miles back and forth between Managua and Matagalpa and God has been faithful to provide safety, alertness and vehicles to borrow for my travels.
New Parents Bethany, Chris and Vincent
Bethany and Marnie, Vincent and Corbin sporting their Nica shirts

Meme and Corbin
Ready for a party!
Jared, Nick and Mary camping with some of their Nica snacks
  • A SWEET visit home for a few days to meet my new nephew Vincent and celebrate my other nephew Corbin's 4th birthday.   Being so far away and missing so many of those special events makes the ones I can attend that much more special.

  •  A timely visit from 3 dear friends from South Carolina.  They provided some great man power in prep for our Open House as well as lots of laughs and encouragement. 

On this special Thanksgiving Day I have so many reasons to sing of God's goodness and presence in my life.   The song "Bless the Lord" by Matt Redman has been a song I have found myself singing over and over these days reminding myself to bless the Lord in all things.   There are two lines that stand out today.

Whatever may pass and whatever lies before me let me be singing when the evening comes.

For all your goodness I will keep on singing, 10,000 reasons for my heart to find, bless the Lord oh my soul.

I pray that my eyes would always be open to the reasons to bless the Lord.

Here is the song on youtube if you want to enjoy it too!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Giving Opportunity!

Christmas is just around the corner and NCA Matagalpa is closing in on the start of a brand new school year.    We still stand in need of a few things.   Consider an alternative to traditional gift giving this year and give towards gifts that will last for years to come.
Here is a clean link:  Christmas Giving

If the email does not show up correctly, please view it in your browser.

NCA Matagalpa Christmas Catalogue

If interested in supporting you may donate directly through ACSI here:

To give using the link above, simply change the Designation to Nicaragua Christian Academy.
You may also email the school director at if you have any questions.