Thursday, May 29, 2008


Two years ago some friends and I hiked ConcepciĆ³n volcano. It is an active volcano located on an island in the large lake of Nicaragua. A few days before we hiked the volcano it apparanetly erupted. (small, but enough to call it an eruption) We unknowingly climbed it anyway. When we neared the top the guide told us we couldn't go any further. Well some of the group was already too far ahead and made it to the top and came down to tell us about it. Ever since then it has been a sore spot for me because I did not make it to the top.

However this last weekend a new group of friends set out to climb the volcano. Once again a few days before hand there were eruptions and gas clouds at the top. The guide told us that we would go as far as we could but that we probably wouldn't make it to the top. Well the weather was clear enough and the wind strong enough to blow the gases away and we made it to the top. Now I can officially check it of my list of volcanoes summited.

Promised Pictures

Here are some house pics I promised. I took a little bit but here you go. The new roomies!
While we were untying a load of stuff the rop
e got thrown up on the barbed wire. Here I am trying to get it unwrapped from the barbed wire. Nothing like a little challenge to make you feel right at home.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Live Concert

Every night so far in our new house has been an adventure. We continue to have amphibious visitors. Last night they serenades us with a concert. There were hundreds of them in the trees and area surrounding our backyard. One joined us in the kitchen too.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bienvendio a Nuestra Casa!!

We are home! Yesterday we moved and now have all of our belongings in one central place. :-) We had more help than we knew what to do with and got it all done pretty quickly. Last night we had our first visitors. Morgan our traveling friend from Iowa and Sydney the Manna Project dog not to mention all the new mosquitos and frogs that joined us for the evening too. I couldn't find my camera but I'll send pictures soon.

Now after one night in the house Mary and I are headed out of town for a medical outreach. So I guess we'll have to see what the house is like when we get back. Please pray for the outreach. It is a one day clinic with National doctors and nurses and the local church.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Only in Nicaragua

Saturday night something very exciting happened. It started to RAIN! Yes rain, we haven't had rain in I don't know how long. In the first five minutes of rain things happened that only seem to happen in Nicaragua. :-) The power was already out, then it started to rain, the power came back on and then went off again, then there was an earthquake. Not a big earthquake but a tremor. I was playing cards with some friends by candlelight and we just laughed at all that had taken place in such a short time.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Catching the Vision

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with a Pastor Arturo. He is pastor of a church that CFCI has worked with for close to 6 year. He was really excited to tell us about the plans for building a new sanctuary for their church. Their current one holds 150 people and on Sunday's they are averaging 500 people. You can see the need. Often in Latin America when there is a big project or need like this the pastor asks us to help in some form. Arturo did no such thing. He said that the church themselves have raised 60% of the funds through the church. WOW! I was shocked. As we continued to talk he shared some of the things that they have learned now through the year. Relationships with visitors to the church are important. They are working diligently to get people plugged into small group Bible Studies and they are seeing the fruit. Praise God for this wonderful display of His work through the church here in Nicaragua. I walked away feeling so encouraged and excited to be praying for them as they raise the rest of the funds and continue to reach out to their neighbors in the community.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Official but unofficial

So we signed the lease on our new house today. It is kind of funny. They could only put one name on the lease so we decided it would be mine. The lease was a very formal, official 5 page legal size document. So official in fact that it has my name spelled Karylla Franklin and says that I am a "joven" young person for all you non-spanish speakers. ;0) I laugh because it was so official that they got my visa number and everything but yet my name was misspelled. So it goes in Nicaragua. If it were to be changed they would have to re-do the entire document. Somethings just aren't worth the hassle.

Official move in date is next Thursday!!! We are excited. Anxious to see how all the repairs go on the house in the next week and frantically looking for some necessary furniture/ appliance needs. We happened upon a gold mine tonight though. We found a stove, washer and a bed for Lori. Hooray!

More details and pics to follow soon.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

On the Move Again

So this week has been the week of many moves. It seems as though almost everyone in our office is moving houses. The Fuentes moved this weekend. Sileny would have loved to stay where they were but it seems there is something in the house that is causing Paola's allergies to flair up out of control. Next we have the Claudia and Fabricio with baby Adiel moving just down the block. They are excited to have a little place of their own.

Lori, Mary and I have found a place for the three of us to move into. We sign the contract on Wednesday and then move in on the 15th. I am sad to leave my cute little house but excited at the same time to be moving in with two good friends and lots of room for you all to come and visit. :0) hint, hint.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Little Comforts

Lori and I just bought a couch from some missionaries that are going to the States on furlough. The couches were brought down from the States so they are soft and cushy unlike all nica couches. The last two nights we have ended up spending most of the evening relaxing on them as we chat away. What a nice treat to have a comfy place to sit while you share a sweet friendship.