Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Making School Count as an Opportunity

Wow!   It is hard to believe that September has come and is almost gone.  Fall is here.    While Fall for many of us means new school clothes, notebooks, backpacks, pumpkin bread and cinnamon candles Fall in Nicaragua is time to hunker down for the rainiest part of the rainy season and  finish the school year strong.     Our students have successfully finished 3/4 of the school year and are eager to add one more school year to their resumé.   Sixth graders are planning for their graduation, first graders are eagerly reading any book they can get their hands on and the rhythm of the school year continues to march on.

The 2013 school year will soon be over and my desk is filled with textbooks, scholarship applications, budgets, calendars and uniform orders for next year.   One year ago I could not even imagine what it would be like to be here now planning for year two of NCA Matagalpa.   As we started this journey of faith last year we awarded scholarships and gave discounts in faith that we would have friends and neighbors who would partner with us to "sponsor" Christian Education for students and families that needed some extra help.   God has been faithful and has provided a few faithful sponsors for this year.   32% of our students received discounts and scholarships based on financial need.

Looking ahead we know that there will be many more families who will need a little help making this dream a reality in the coming school year.   The reality is that there are already 11 applicants waiting for an answer.   We need your help.  Can you make the commitment to partner with NCA and families needing a little extra help to make Christian education a possibility for their child?   We want to say yes to more families but it is hard without knowing there are more people partnering with us on this journey of faith.   Visit our web page to find out more.

Check us out on Facebook at NCA Matagalpa and you can see some of the great things God has done through our students this year.