Saturday, January 26, 2013

7 Days and Counting

Count Down To The Start Of A New School Year

Time has flown since I first learned about the start-up of Nicaragua Christian Academy Matagalpa.  It seems like the last 6 months have been a blur of meetings, planning, reports, interviews and now teacher training.    We are now 1 week away (Saturday, February 4th)  from the official Open House for parents and students.

As you can imagine there are many things yet to be done.   Construction projects are fighting against set backs and teachers are now beginning to feel the time crunch in order to have everything ready.   It is at this time that we can really use your prayers.  There are thousands of details to cover in the next 7 days and a limited number of hands and brains to cover them all.  

  • Pray for time management and inspiration as the teachers plan their lessons and incorporate many of the new skills and concepts they have been learning.
  • Pray for the new guard staff as they take on the job of protecting the students and families that enter through our gates
  • Pray for more families to see the value of a Christian education for their children and to take the plunge and join the NCA family.   Pray especially for 5th graders to come.   There is only 1 5th grader registered right now.
  • Pray that the shipping container that has the refrigerator for the cafeteria is released this week.  
  • Pray for peace, patience and joy in the process for me as I face many, many challenges with some of the Nicaraguan processes  of people and businesses always promising tomorrow.