Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sister-in-law x 1 Aunt x 2

Some of you have asked me if I'm in the States. I was for a week. I had many great reasons to go to Texas for a quick visit.

On May 16th my little 23 year old brother got married. Don and Jesselyn were planning on getting married next year but decided to move the date up in order to have the wedding at the Rennisance Faire that they go to every Spring. Things worked out just as they had dreamed.

A special toast to the Bride and Groom from the King and Queen of the Faire

All of their family was able to come, they were able to design the ceremony and cake the way they wanted and it all was beautiful. It rained the morning of the wedding but stopped just as the wedding was getting underway. It was wonderful to see both of them so happy.

Jesselyn has a 3 year old son named Gabriel and we had a blast playing together. I went over to the newlyweds house for dinner while I was home and Gabriel and I hit it off right away. He is super excited about Ironman right now and really wanted an Ironman costume. He was told that he needed to wait until his birthday in October to get one. Well being the creative, fun, Aunt that I am we made our own Ironman suit out of boxes from the new pots and pans Don and Jesselyn got as wedding gifts. :-)

The next big reason it was a wonderful quick visit to the States was to meet my new nephew Corbin. He was born in November and I haven't been back yet to meet him. My sister could only make it down from Colorado for the day of the wedding so you can imagine who was holding the baby the whole time.... ME! That's right Tia Carylla was soaking in every minute with my sweet little Corbin. I have to admit I think that he is by far the cutest nephew in the world. I guess I may be a little bias.
Carey, Mom, Scottish Corbin, and Marnie(Corbin's Mom)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oops! I'm baaaaaaack!

Yikes! I'm not sure what has happened to the last month and a half but lots has sure been keeping me hopping. I know I'm a little behind on keeping you up to date. Hmm let's see I worked with a medical team in Rivas for a week, did another teacher training, said good-bye to Julie our intern, received a team of two that did some training for our staff, moved out of my old house, went to the States for my brother's wedding, met my new nephews, visited my home church in Killeen, and whew lived to tell about it. :0) Now if that wasn't the longest runon sentence there ever was.

Ok so a lot has happened. Today I want to share about the teacher training that Julie and I did the last week she was here. We feel so privelaged to have had the opportunity to work with the terrific teachers at Colegio Hosanna Sur. Esperanza the director continues to be an encouragment and is helping us know how to better meet the needs of the teachers and students at her school.

We continued on our topic of classroom managment. The teachers were given opportunites to pen the rules and consequences that they want to use in t
hier classrooms. Mixed with fun games and lots of role-play teachers left with a plan to put into action in thier classrooms.
The following week when I went to visit the school many of the teachers had taken the first step and had their rules displayed on their walls.

I am continously grateful for the friendships that have developed with these teachers and the ways that God is blessing both their lives and mine through this experience. Praise the LORD.