Monday, April 28, 2008

Sleepless Nights

So this weekend I was a chaperon for the Middle School Youth Retreat to Ometepe Island. Ometepe is one of my favorite places in all of Nicaragua. The people are just wonderful and the pace of life is Super Nica. On the ferry ride over we rode with Eduardo Montalegre. He was one of the presidential candidates in the last election. I just learned that he is running for Mayor of Managua this year. We had to laugh at the security detail surrounding him. There were just two body guards and a few people from his party traveling with him. What a difference from the US.
So back to the retreat. Middle schoolers are a special breed. :-) They have limitless energy, don't require much sleep and run on high amounts of sugar and junk food. We hiked Maderas volcano on Saturday and really had a great time. The kids enjoyed the mud laguna at the top. Everyone survived and I think that they all were really proud of themselves for accomplishing such a big hike. 9 hours, 20 middle schoolers, 8 leaders, 2 guides, sweat and a few tears, lots of mud and not enough water = 1 conquered volcano.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Adventure

There is an incredible opportunity put together by some friends to bike from the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua to the Pacific Coast in January. The proceeds raised from the trip will go towards hurricane relief from Hurricane Felix last year. I am excited to say that I have been invited to join the team. I am a little nervous but I am looking forward to this grand adventure. Take a look at the invitation for the ride: "Sea to Sea Bike Ride"

Thursday, April 17, 2008

CFCI Team Picture

CFCI Team Picture
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Yeah! We finally got a new picture of our base staff. We are quite the crew now! Don't mind the sleepy faces. We had to meet at the school at 7 am in order to get a good picture before the kids started school. What do you think? Was it worth the early wake up call?

This Could be the Start of Something Big

Ok so here it is! I am stepping out into the world of blogging for real this time. I tried before and wasn't too successful. Now I have a great guy here in the office that my motivation to keep it up.

Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting Mary at a medical clinic in Popoyoapa, Rivas. What a neat church. The church members were all so friendly and welcoming. As I met with Pastor Franlym to talk about an opportunity for a youth team to work with his church this summer something struck me. He was so humble and blessed that we would consider working partnering with his church in this way. May I too always look at things through the mind of humbleness and blessing.