Tuesday, December 3, 2013

With a Thankful Heart

With a Thankful Heart

The  2013 NCA Matagalpa student and staff pic!
This year has been a year full of firsts in so many ways.  As I have been learning how to do many things for the first time it has humbled me and allowed (not always so willingly) to look to God for provision, wisdom, strength, and creativity when I normally would not have.

Being a school director is hard work! Being a school directer is an incredibly rewarding job! It is hard not just because of the endless to-do lists and "problems" that you are greeted with on a daily basis but because a director works with real parents, students and teachers.    Because a director works with real people when someone shares a hurt with you a little bit of the burden becomes your burden.   When a student has a hard time learning and you can't figure out why you lie awake at night trying to think of different ways to help them.  You want to see students change their behavior and yet they sometimes disappoint you.   Parents come to you when they are angry, bothered or concerned looking solutions.

Being a school director is the most rewarding job because everyone shares their birthday cake with you. :-)  You get lots of sweet notes from students and parents.  You get to count little behavior changes for students as success. Because you work with real people you get paid in hugs, cards, smiles and cheerful "Good morning Profe!".   The opportunity to walk alongside students, faculty and staff and help them set goals and rejoice with them when they reach them abound.

So now with a Thankful Heart I praise God for the countless ways he has been with me each step of the way during this year of firsts. 
Let me count the ways...
  • 8 God-serving teachers who have have served on an incredible TEAM
  • desks and chairs for all of our students
  • friendly smiles and hugs from students big and small
  • kind words from dear friends
  • tears of surrender when i can't go another step on my own
  • grace 
  • wisdom under fire 
  • morning runs with Sara
  • a humble servant who was willing to wear many hats with me this year, Dave
  • internet that works just when we need it to
  • a reputation in the community that speaks for itself
  • unconditional love from our Father
  • a special community who loves to eat breakfast for dinner on Sunday's 
  • kids loving to read new books
  • many, many family  and friends back home giving to support God's work through me here in Matagalpa
  • a shipping container with books, furniture and blessings that has finally been released after 1 year of customs struggles.
  • a reliable car and breakdowns close to help and not in the middle of nowhere
  • miracles of funding just in time to keep construction going 
  • visits from good friends and weddings too
  • and so much more
Here are just a few pics of the first and last days of school.

Our open house Feb. 2013
Enjoying the Library for the first time
Faculty and Staff Feb. 2013
First Grade praying to start the day off right

Riding the bus is so much fun!

And now for the last day of school
Shooting the breeze with their homeroom teacher

Go Allan!   Get that Beauty

Students helping us paint the new classrooms for next year

The  2013 NCA Matagalpa student and staff pic!

Amigos en 2nd Grade