Monday, February 27, 2012

See You Later Greenville, South Carolina

Since mid-October I have been living in Greenville, South Carolina.   It has been a great place to chill and get involved in community.     While I am from Colorado and my parents grew up in the South I have never considered my self a southerner.    This was made very obvious my first few weeks in the "true"south.  

While it is true that there is nothing like southern hospitality I have learned a lot of "other" really neat things about the South.
  • Y'all is a true word used in almost any conversation.   I've even found myself saying it a time or two. :0)
  •  It is very common to meet people who have two first names.   Emma Grace,  Mary Beth etc.  
  • Keeping your car washed seems to be a very important thing.    There are lots of Hand Wash car washed around town.
  • People love good food.  YUM.   There are restaurants referred to as Meat and 3's.  This means that it is a restaurant that serves a meat and 3 side dish options for a stellar price.  All home cooked of course.
  • Most people are very outdoorsy.    At least in the Greenville area.   There are people biking, running, camping and hiking everywhere you go.   It is great to see.
Here are just a pics of places I have spent lots of time at in Greenville.

 Downtown Campus Grace Church

A side view of the church cause I couldn't fit it all in.

While It says Downtown Baptist Church the building was donated to Grace over a year ago and due to its historic status they cannot change the name on the building.  It is a beautiful building and I have had the privilege of working with Grace and helping with a tutoring program for kids two afternoons a week.   It has been a blast.   During a character lesson last week a really funny exchange took place I can't help but share with you.   

Carey:  What kinds of jobs do people have where they care for others?
Noah:  The President.
John:   I could be the president.
Clarise:   Yeah he could be like JFK 'cause his name is John
John:   Yeah I COULD be the president.

Carey:  You're right you could work hard and be a president.  How does a president care for others?
John:  He gives you stuff. 

From Blogger Pictures

 Greenville has been a part of the rails to trails program and has turned a  great railroad track into an awesome running and biking path that spans pretty much the whole city. This path is called the Swamp Rabbit and runs along the Reedy River. I've spent many, many hours on it biking and running.   It has been a place to think, pray and listen to a lot of good sermons.

 Also, not pictured are the The Eshelman's house.   Ann and Jim have been so gracious to let me stay with them during my stay in Greenville.   They have blessed me more than words could express.  I am so thankful for God's provision through them.    Also not pictured is Mary Ezzell's house.   I've spent man, many hours at her house chatting, laughing, crying, studying and even frosting cookies.  Her home has been a home away from home.  Of course there are many more places and faces that I've come to love and cherish but there just isn't enough time or space to squeeze them all in. :-)

Greenville has been a great place to connect with people and have some time to think, reflect and build some new friendships.  I am grateful for the glimpses of heaven that I have seen through friendship, creation, and community here.