Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Do Not Like Them Sam I Am!

Dr. Seuss is well loved by all children.  His nack for silliness and rhyme are sure to make anyone smile.  We recently spent a whole week reading Dr. Seuss books in first grade.   The kids had a blast.   We read Green Eggs and Ham in Spanish and English.  No me gusta huevos verdes con jamon, no me gusta Juan Ramon!  We wrote our own version of the story complete with illustrations.

What kid doesn't love a little green Ooblek here and there!

Here's Fedra enjoying some sticky, icky ooblek
C├ęsar was quite enthralled with his sticky blob!

We ended the week reading Dr. Seuss books with our 4th grade reading buddies. The kids had a blast and everyone left talking in nonsense rhyme. :-)

I give thanks to God for the gift of these wonderful students and the joy I have in teaching them how to read. They are soaring into reading and the majority of them LOVE reading their Bibles most of all. What a gift!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

To Market, To Market

To catch a fat pig.   I think that is how the saying goes.    While I didn't go to the market to get a pig I did get quite a lot of things accomplished in the 30 minutes I was there.   Aimee, my roommate, and I went to Huembes market to get some hammocks for our new outdoor classroom at school.   We had a very successful trip!   We bought 6 hammocks, 2 baskets, some yummy corn snacks, my car got washed and I got new windshield wipers installed all in about 30 minutes.   Amazing!  Now for those of you who have had any experience in Nicaragua you know that things generally take longer than you think or plan for.  Yet today was a good reminder that things can be quick and efficient in this wonderful place.