Friday, March 4, 2011


The new unit we have started in first grade is all about treasures. So far we've learned that a treasure can be something you do for someone else or a special gift, toy or even a memory. Our reading story this week showed us how art can be a treasure as well. I gave my class a bag full of random art supplies and after an hour of team work, lots of hot glue and creativity this is what they came up with. The name for each creation was their own as well.

This is the DXILL70000

This boat has lots of cool features.  It even has  tv so the crew can watch while they sail the seas.

The Lucky Eagle complete with talons.   The pink cup is helping hold him up.

The Number One Ocean and Camera
There are two whales and some starfish in this one. 

The Very Silly Submarine...complete with periscope.

The following are hard to see but I I'll tell you what they say.   I asked my class to write about down something they treasure.   Their responses are in the blue and pink papers. Then I had them draw and color their own special artwork.  You can see their interests popping through on these.
Some of these include the Bible, family, sisters

Soccer balls are treasures too!

Transformers and Mario can be treasures too!
They have learned so many things and it is precious to hear about all of the things that my kiddos treasure.   God has blessed us with so many things how can we really take it all in and truly treasure and be grateful for it all.

Now this is something that  I treasure!   God's creation is magnificent and I am so thankful to be able to get out and see so much of it here in Nicaragua.  This is a view from Mombacho Volcano looking out towards a beautiful crater lake called Laguna de Apoyo.

We all have things we come to treasure more and more with age and life experiences.   Whether it is a special photo, a family heirloom or a cherished conversation with friends or family.   My conversations with family this year have become more important and treasured to me after loosing my brother last March.   Phone calls home mean a lot more to me knowing that I don't hold the future in my hands and I don't know how much longer we all have on this earth.   Thankfully I do know the One who does know our futures and I trust Him.