Monday, May 2, 2011

An Unbelievable Tale that's really a True Story

Let me just start this post by saying thanks to all of you who pray for safety while I serve here in Nicaragua.   I'd imagine that when you pray you pray for safety on the roads with the people but that safety extends to household accidents too. 

Tonight Aimee was making dinner.   Yummy spaghetti.  I had pulled a stool over to get some glasses out of the cubbord.   Aimee had just opened the oven to check on the garlic bread.  I lost my balance on the stool fell back and stepped on the open oven door.  As I spun around not wanting the stove to completely fall forward the pot of spaghetti sauce flew off the burner along with the pot of boiling spaghetti noodles. The boiling pasta water manages to only slightly burn my forearm.  Meanwhile I'm still spinning around with two glass glasses in my hands.  Eventually I fall to the ground shattering the two glasses in my hands.   Miracleously I didn not burn my legs from the open oven door, nor did any of the hot sauces and water cover me and the open flame on the stove did not touch my skin.  Truly it was a miracle that nothing worse happened.
Unfortunately I managed to spill ALL of our dinner on the floor and sprinkle it with glass shards.   Thankfully Aimee and Kate were not too upset.  Here are a few snapshots of the disaster.

This was only moments after the spill.   I hadn't yet realized that I cut my hands or burned myself but we were happy that no one was seriously hurt.
The pan with the sauce was bent from the fall!