Thursday, March 29, 2012

On the Road

Well today marks 1 month on the road.  I passed the 5,000 mile mark today and I'm not quite done traveling.  Friday I fly to Washington State and will visit with people there and then it is back to Colorado.

Well as I've been on the road here are just a few of the more silly things that I have really come to appreciate.  :-)

  • A good Squeegie!   Spring is here and the bugs are out.   A good squeegie saves the day when your windshield is bug splattered.
  • Coffee!!!  10 1/2 hours of driving in a day  need I say more.  I've got a pretty good set up and I can stop just about anywhere as long as it is not raining.
  • Audio Books and Podcasts.   What a life saver.  They keep me awake and give me opportunity to learn too.  
  • Cheap gas.   Need I say more  :-)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Words from the Wise

During my stay in Greenville, SC I had the opportunity to visit with a dear woman who is a resident at a local retirement facility. 

Mrs. Oliver is a dear, sweet woman who is 93 years old.   She suffers from a little bit of memory loss, but who wouldn't after 93 full years of life!    Mrs. Oliver wanted someone to write down some of her stories before she is no longer here to share them.   She said, "I don't want my stories to go with me."   Each week we would sit and she would tell me about her life, husband and memories of her sweet hometown of Abbeville, SC.   We shared laughter and tears as I took copious notes during each visit not wanting  to leave out any details.

There is something special about the wisdom of the elderly.  To be able to look back on your life and take stock in all of the blessings that God has graced your life with is an amazing gift.    Here is one nugget of wisdom from Mrs. Oliver.

"I have always been  drawn to pictures of the harvest.   I think that the story comes from my mother.  She painted this picture for me with her words. When we would pass by a harvest field she would tell us it is how we as humans are  working in a harvest, God’s harvest.  We should be His reapers in his harvest.   As I think more on this I think of the sower who may never be seen again.  He plants the seeds in the soil then the reaper comes along and is seen reaping in the field.   The reaper receives all of the praise while he may not have been the one to do all of the work.   We may just be the sower of seeds in our lifetime.    I hope and pray that maybe I can enrich somebody’s life for Jesus during my lifetime." 
I can say that she has enriched my life in such a unique and special way.   At the end of my time in Greenville I typed up all of my notes in paragraph form, printed them and gave them to her.   As I read her stories to her that day her response was one of true joy.

Carey, Janelle and Ann out to lunch

My neighbor Janelle is another person that has blessed my life richly during my time in Greenville.  Anne and I would walk the dogs with her every morning.    Janelle is the most hip 82 year old I have met.  She has her own Twitter account and is not afraid of technology and learning new things.   Her love for the Lord and her husband have been a tremendous example and blessing to watch.

Today I thank God for my  time with Mrs. Oliver and the gift that she has given me in her stories, wisdom and perspective on life.  I also thank Him for a sweet neighbor, Janelle, who so eagerly shared life and laughter with me in such beautiful ways.

"Is it only when our lives are emptied that we're surprised by how truly full our lives were?  Instead of filling with expectations, the joy-filled expect nothing - and are filled."
~ Ann VosKamp
 As these women look back on lives and take stock in the things that really matter in life they are able to pass on such wonderful pieces of advice to us, the younger ones on this life journey.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meet Thor!

I've got your attention now!  :-)  Now I know what at least a few of you are thinking.... no I'm sorry I am not introducing you to a nice single guy who is interested in me.   :-) 

Thor is the name I have affectionately given my car.    Thor is a 2001 Kia Sportage I have borrowed from my parents for my time in the US.   We have shared quite an interesting time together already.   During the first few days of our relationship there were many calls to my Dad, the mechanic, asking for advice on how to fix this noise or that check engine light, the radiator fluid leaking from the front end of the engine etc.    Thankfully, now Thor and I have bonded and I think that he is going to be a trustworthy vehicle.

I'm introducing Thor to you because he is going to be my traveling buddy over the next 4 weeks as I travel to visit friends, family and donors across the US.    Today is the big day we set out on the first leg or our journey together.   Today we head to the VA/ Washington DC area.   You can see my previous posts for a travel schedule. 

As Thor and I begin our travels I ask that you would be praying for the following things:
  • Great thinking/alone time with God as I drive here and there and everywhere
  • Safety on the roads (there are lots of miles planned for this journey)
  • Mechanical reliability  for Thor
  • Awesome time of fellowship with friends and donors along the way
  • Favorable gas prices
Join me in praising God for his awesome provision already in a new set of tires for Thor.   My God is my great provider and has blown me away with this amazing gift.