Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gracias A Dios

I know that Thanksgiving has now come and gone but I think that we have reasons to be thankful each and every day.   Here are a few things I am thankful for!!!

Thanksgiving this year involved all the yummy goodies we traditionally think of when we think of Thanksgiving supper.   This year I was able to spend it with two great families that once upon a time lived in Nicaragua.  It was like spending the holiday with family.   Anyone who knows me knows that I love spending time with kids and that is precisely what I got to do over the long weekend.   Thanks Vern and Kelly and Nathan and Amber for sharing your kiddos and stories with me this Thanksgiving. 
 Here is John, Kelly (mom) and Kyler Kivett!!   They love reading books and decorating the Christmas tree.

Many of you know Nathan and Amber's adoption story.  Praise the Lord Joseph and Tito are adopted, home in North Carolina and adjusting very well to life in the US.   These guys loved playing kick ball and visiting the zoo.

 Next you might question my sanity but I am thankful for rainy days and flat tires.  Yes you did read that correctly.    I was delivering some meals to the elderly in a nearby neighborhood yesterday while it was raining outside.   As I was getting one of the meals out of the back seat I heard what sounded like air coming out of my rear tire.   Sure enough it was and I could see right where the hole was because of the bubbles it was making with the rain water.   Now considering that fact that I don't live in Nicaragua where there is tire shop on almost every corner I got a little nervious so I prayed and asked God to show me a place nearby to get the tire fixed.   I pulled out on the main road and went not even a quarter mile and here it was.
It looked almost like in Nicaragua.   Tires out on the street side and two very nice Latino men eager to help a poor lady with a hole in her tire.   The guys were great, fast and very friendly.    Yes, yes we did talk in Spanish the whole time.  :-)   It was great!  

I truly have so much to be thankful for in my life.   God has blessed us richly with his beauty throughout creation, His presence and His Word.  

Monday, November 21, 2011

Laughter and Friendship Run Deep

Friendship is something that we all long for in this life. There are many types of friends that walk in and out of our lives through its various stages. Some friends are near and dear to us in ways that words cannot express. Time passes between conversations, letters and phone calls but the moment you pick up again its as if no time has passed at all. The depth of love, life and honesty shared is something that I cherish deeply. Other friends are a special part of our life for a season and then our lives carry on through different journys.
As I am currently in a time of life transition between life and ministry in Nicaragua and a time of rest and furlough in the United States I've found myself looking for depth in new friendships. In the midst of meeting so many new people I have had the privilege of being able to visit some good life-long friends.

College roommate dinner with Tami, Julie, Jill and Sara
An old school used to live and work in Nicaragua but now we live in New Mexico Reunion with Joy and Morgan.
The night was filled with tears from so much laughter.

New Friends are a blessing too.  I met some other gals who were returning from missions around the globe and we shared a special time of debriefing in Monument, Colorado with Missionary Training Institute .   Here is an early morning sunrise at Garden of the Gods park with Colleen, Katie and Autumn.
Camping is something that I love do do and have not really been able to go much since moving to Nicaragua.  Thanks to Mary Ezzell I've met some great new camping buddies.   I've been twice now as we camped in 32 degree weather.   It was well worth the cold as we woke up to the sights and sounds of God's great creation.